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How To Plan A Garden Party?

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Your boss has just decided to have a party for his staff at the office premises. He has put you in charge to organise the party. You love a new challenge and take up the job with much satisfaction. You check with some of your colleagues about the best location for the party and decide to have it outdoors. But now comes the tough part of organising the seating arrangements, fixing the lights and landscaping the garden area. Your colleagues suggest you get in touch with a professional company for tree removal Hills District that handles this type of jobs and ease your workloads in the process.

Unusual ideas

You check out the options available to you and pay a visit to the company of your choice. As you enter the office you notice a beautifully landscaped area complete with seating arrangements for 50 people. You make inquiries and find out that this was one of the designs made by the experts for one of their customers a few weeks ago. The friendly sales lady tells you that the same design can be done for you and of course with any changes that you may want. The lady tells you that if your office already has a garden with many plants and bushes their staff can work round the greenery and design the place for a party atmosphere. She also tells you that tree removal Sydney, can also be done on bushes that need to be trimmed and that all you have to do is give them the idea of what you want done.

Choose a design

You also realise that as part of their facilities the company offers tree services and other plant related jobs that you may require. You are also shown a catalogue with designs done by the professionals for their customers and magazines with photos of landscaped designs and ideas. You cannot decide what you should choose for a design. The staff tells you that they can make a visit to your office premises and check out the location and advice you on what type of design you should go for.

Order the food

The team arrives at your office and tell you that you should go for a design that will bring out the beauty of the garden and that you should use a little lighting to create a night event atmosphere. Work begins and as you watch the overgrown bushes are reduced to size and the flower pots are neatly arranged in a methodical way to make room for more seats. The garden layout is finally complete and all you have to do now is to get your boss to order the food and invite the guests.           

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